Friday, November 13, 2009

In the beginning.........

I was posting recipes of my own, of my grandma's, my great aunt's, and my brother's on other sites, and I realized that I needed a place to put all of these together so they will be in one place and easily located. This site will be a place where I can compile them all for family to come and find what they wish to have.
My wish for the past 22 years or so has been to make a family cook book, but cost, time, and a dead computer brought this idea to a halt. I had over fifty hours of writing time with hundreds of recipes from family members in a computer that went kablooey on me~and I lost everything. It was so disgusting and discouraging.
I do have recipes of my grandma's, my great aunt Effie's, and my great-great aunt Helen's all typed out on paper that was to be put together in a binder, but then I had no time to get back to this project and it has been collecting dust for about four to five years. The dust won't matter anymore because I will post all of those recipes on here. This is easier and cheaper than making a cook book!
I also have recipes that belong to family members who sent them to me in hopes of seeing a recipe book materialize, but instead, I will post them on here, according to the author of the recipe, and this way it will truly be a family site. I will also post my own recipes.
Okay! Now I just have to get busy and post them all!

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