Friday, June 29, 2012

Lemon Shake Up

This is all it takes. See the sugar in the glass?

Oh yeah, so good and refreshing!

It is so very hot right now in the midwest and across most of America, with highs in the 90's, and even 100's. Daughter, Heidi, lives in Kentucky, just along the Tennessee border near Ft. Campbell, and when I talked with her earlier, she said it is going to be 108F today! Too hot! Here in central Ohio it is going to be in mid 90's with a heat index of around 110F degrees. It is truly miserable.
Trying to stay cool also means staying hydrated. How can it be more fun to be hydrated than making a Lemon Shake Up like they make at the fair? Fair food is fun food, and when you can bring these tastes home and enjoy them all year long, it makes them even more fun.
Lemons are so good for you as they help to cleanse the kidneys. I know, I know, sugar is not so good for you, so if you want to change the dynamics of this traditional drink to make it more healthy, try adding honey, rapadura, or succanat instead of regular table sugar, though the taste will be a bit different, depending on the kind of sweetener you choose to use.
In the meantime, I am going to enjoy my Lemon Shake Up as I write out this recipe!

Lemon Shake Up

16 ounce tumbler (glass is what I use)
Plenty of ice, crushed is nice, if you have it
1/3 cup sugar*
1 lemon
Cold water*

Fill tumbler 2/3 with ice.
Add sugar.
Wash lemon well for pesticides and germs.
Roll lemon, cut in half, then ream juice from one half and place in tumbler.
Save other half for another time.
Drop squeezed lemon rind into glass.
Cover with water, top with a lid or another glass that fits inside tumbler, and shake till sugar is dissolved, about 1-2 minutes.
Add a straw and drink!

*You can use honey, Rapadura, or Succanat instead of regular table sugar.
*You can adjust the sweetness by adding to or from the sugar content for your own tastes.
*Use spring water instead of tap to have the best flavor.
*If you are like me, I like mine a bit stronger and sometimes use the entire lemon.


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