Saturday, March 6, 2010

Helen Peard Lanigan's Recipes

     This is the post office in London, Ohio, in 1946, where Helen Peard Lanigan would have gone to purchase stamps. Helen was grandma's maternal aunt whom grandma lived with all of her growing up years, from age five to eighteen. Grandma was close to Helen and Aunt Delphine, along with her uncle, John.
Helen owned a copy of the "The Searchlight Cook Book" and wrote many recipes down in its pages. When Helen passed away grandma inherited this cook book, and then Uncle Ed inherited the cook book. I borrowed said cook book and copied all of the hand-written recipes down that Helen had copied and I will bring them here for you to read, decide to try or not, and add them as family recipes to your own collection.
     Many families seem to have food traditions that go back for generations, some even coming from the Old Country. I'm not sure where Helen got these recipes, most likely not the old country, but they definitely go back a few generations.
     There are some interesting recipes in this collection, perhaps a few that are strange sounding that would have possibly have been common a few decades ago, and all were made regularly. There are also some tasty sounding recipes that I hope to try sometime in the near future. I hope you are able to find a few that sound good to you, too.

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