Monday, March 29, 2010

Helen's Poison For House Ants

No one likes ants, but this is one way to easily get rid of them. Years ago there were not the plethora of bug sprays, traps, and killers like we have today. Helen obviously used this recipe often.

Helen's Poison For House Ants

Dissolve one pound of sugar in a quart of hot water. Add 125 grains of sodium aninate*. The mixture should be boiled and strained, cooled, then used with a sponge.
*I cannot find "sodium aninate" anywhere, but this recipe is identical to those where boric acid is used. If you can still find boric acid (look on the web if you can't find it locally) then you can make your own bug eradicator. Boric acid will kill more than ants and is a safe product to keep around the house, though all products should be kept up safe away from small children.

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