Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Queen Anne's Lace Jelly

I made this jelly about 15 years ago; some liked it and some did not. It was reminiscent of quince jelly to me, which I don't care for, but if you like quince, this may be for you. I am sure there are some good medicinal qualities to this jelly, but enjoy it for its simplicity and the fact that the flowers are free for the picking. Try to pick your flowers (no matter what kind you use) far from the road.

Queen Anne's Lace Jelly

2 cups very firmly packed Queen Anne's Lace flowers cut from stems (or violet, lilac, rose petal, milkweed, clover, elderberry, dandelion, carnation, peony or any edible sweet smelling flowers)
4 3/4 cups boiling water
3 1/2 cups sugar ( 1 1/2 lbs., divided)
1 pkg. Sure-Jel light pectin (I used regular)
4 1/2 Tbls. freshly strained lemon juice

Slosh flowers through cold water to remove any bugs; let sit about 15 minutes to remove them all. You will find bugs!
Place flowers in a pot and cover with boiling water and allow to steep for 15-20 minutes; strain. (You are basically making tea.)
Measure 4 1/2 cups strained infusion into a large kettle. Mix 1/4 cup sugar with pectin and stir into kettle. Bring to a full rolling boil; immediately stir in remaining sugar and boil 1 minute.Remove from heat. Stir in lemon juice. Skim foam from top of jelly with a metal spoon and immediately pour into ho, clean, sterilized jelly jars. Wipe off tops, cover with lids and bands and turn upside down for 5 minutes, then right side up and allow to sit for 24 hours before moving. Makes 6 cups (Makes six 8 ounce jars, also known as half pints.)

The original recipe said to place in jars and seal and when cool to refrigerate, but I treated them like other jellies and jam and sealed them by turning them over for 5 minutes which causes the lids to seal. If you are not comfortable with this, you can place in a boiling water bath for 5-10 minutes to seal.
*Important! Make sure your jars are sterilized before you seal them!!! No one wants to get botulism!

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